metal of the rebel south

order say urgent from JAH RASTAFARI if rifle on pife all just stifle the chrifle be cautious and weary dont care who dead or gone my vabpapor zeptar army will tear up ya santa clause sled cause im with them tricks that are die young be tru hos who brain me for thanking me and i see unfortune for any opposers and posers who do not see my way i am filled with the ALMIGHTY and i am the MIDWEST WARLARD just got off a call with the MADDOG GENERAL and we wearing texas boot leather and if yall get with it im bigger than the MILKY WAY my chant is my tobacco and medicine of ganja that sanskrit for mota if upside down spirit so twiztid be on a dark carnival circle whoevver wants o s claim i get i must honor itt but quit quick to slay spiris all hem be dragged and touched like widow with limp the gimp with the image who still rock a mirage of green that beee made of hemp led lcd real tech zeptar labs developed if i get more than any bigger my plane count will be nine im seeing all this stuff in effemoral its insane im purple and had a dream that kids beg me for death sticks and show me they roll better shit my last zip i whipped schored off a girl in her sweet spot i was like huh she got all the money cause she cardi b i am her busy busssie busssiie well some call me busy that BUSY FOR 2RUDE FOR SO SMOOTH FOR GET OFF ME WITH ATTITUDE WRITING IS STIFLING MY THERAPY CANT GET IT COME UP SHORT AGAIN WITH MY TREAT MENNT I WAS LIKE UH ITS UZI FUCKIN BEACH I STILL GOT YOU, I AINT FAKIN ON SOME BAKIN COOKIES THAT BACON LUNCH I JUST HAD vomit.

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