i am night

i am night!
i want day!

i am night!
i want day!

engine burners burning bright what you say we get that night and take its darkness and make it MINE i mean ours of course thats the way it will unfurl and when that light turns the night back bright you will see my pixels shine on a twine of red sometime with my shin jon jin bon bon mama lick a boo boo day.


you got broke off some dodo what the fuck you be fuckin with its the NAPSTEr to the P , i just got GHETTO D by MASTER P it was NO LIMIT black pwned label guitar started singin jack i was like a quarter stack flat on the dib tap and i was like swirly tap tap window when it happenening cause im bleedin from my heart thistles got that power if im in it but i never come up short you can axe my ninjas chip chop chop a block at dark in the candle spark singing like a lark from my LED LCD 2Track DJ Stack and i got a big black cock that sings like ropey dopey hilla hustle on all the muscle still get ya if im offended back up off me mo fucka gettin gangsta on this bitch just did a like 3 dances on my soft temple my headphones feel like a dimple on ya chick if ya a girl by my dj booth if i got a feew dolla ah hella the man got me again im like heey who win i doubt them with tattle of rsatatleas on the battles of JAH RASTAFARI lion who tryiinn to step on my cuz i b the same G as i ever could be and yall know me and cheat me nd treat me not the sex from my zeptars and the lizards no i no no no no chill dub healing frp from above squirreel on a type typ typo thats three threw me so what we ride my chant meditation i m with ya so great spirit for got forgot to consult theey cause i call up a bird head when im here right now loook up and sideways say im fine and talk to people no doubt no limit no know mettalica metallica like alayer is blit blot blick black milkey milky way ssoldiers cows of fuckin steel with metaal mouths cause they smoke rock and poison their milk supply who the fuck are you to lift me up u to the sky you know what im sayin if im writing a pkg wwhat the fuck am i slayin i got cats ah like 44 strong with a 8 around me like eim waaiting for you to come in my office door at the dope club they call who who house we play yahtzee for zippers for my slippers with the crack ho i said i did not get one who who the house you talkin im like get out of the loop or fuckin more moving long my little dear im with you forever cannot even have nuff dividends when does it end sign here sing ther all day what the fuck am i be takin ya boday to the wall up against me pay for it pray for it stay for it slay for it that clown ya bacck at me to you and up and down around like a pump fist give me hand put a 1 in it i gotta get a beer right here fear no cheeer or slear of peer if i take 22 more of rowss im up here! white utpala flower at my heart. zedhed…,

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