You = realize it back then but there was milk in those Pirahna eggs afterall and i was so lit that i had that caviar and sour cream on Rittz crackers, being an Oreo cracker myself. wiggle wiggle what i see se of sizzle, wind it up wint it up about to twirly catch my gazed glance, looked away right exact timing of chance, caught eachother looking perchance? im like uggh, oops, felt a skip, but now on the other side i like the surprise on the other sides face when they see me lookin but this aint no one its not just a front its just a way to do this that and this and that and uh, if this was like this and that was that then this could be this and that would be that. letter to your mom your barn has the best yarn for my kitties the spiders keep it soft and spawn brings up the screamin banshee demon thunderstorm like a wave form, built steady and rugged finding no lip to cross, step down up off it this is undertable business, means put ya gun under the table if you come to my house cause i let my rapper entertainment twitter news keep me informed of who to send out the waves of destruction or pleasure, whatever my will is my will, i looked up Diablita and the dude who hopefully sarcastically lurks bkgs and gags on air phalse vli sha who? sha ya ded who ya ded who, herd a shark bit it? 888 stack ovverflow hell yo milky way bulky alien codes comin through full love they are part of it i must remind my owwn pwn selff, got it quit thor loki is tipsy its doubles on the keybard two kittens hittin they gushy man typos control characters and everything i cant believe i made my own bling with alchemy transmorgifiing and i can control anything because i am a human being its true i even have wings big and black i can flap at you ffrom 33 feet and give you a breeze all that is real real and really really the deal TRU no limit soldiers and Biggie Roll through. im dialing up early no when i get to it, its the most important thing in my life and im getting better at strife but Ice Cube says i aint seen nothin yet, dont know what he means, ive been homeless in the past, had to turn to the Christians God Blees them, but ill be pardonded please because i too pay for ffood fudz and !LEWDS for double dutch zigzags i ran through.

as in rows of dim, as in rows of dimensions as RITTZ video clearly indicates to me the FIVE DIMENSIONS so as I am certain of SEVEN DIMENSIONS so far from PLANET ZEPTAR. As far as I can tell everyone back home is good to go again which im like thats good cause the family pet was sick but thats it, my cat Harmony is doing great, Im back blogging and making legit MORE LEGIT MIXTAPES. and before my black homies laugh at me for peddling my website and mixtape, i honestly believe in their ability to reach people and myself, because I constantly want to put my whole life on the Internet, ah yeah i know i said it once but your black uncle keeps getting my mail and he is keeping it for camping at the Gathering of the Juggalos in the summer, ive been saving all my reciepts to use as Kindle INC for the Gathering. I hope to see Peaches. and uh, her lo but he fuckin up, Peaches stole the show, now what Im writing, im telling ya an unravel of what makes a man want a woman to show titties on camera like ya never fuccin nawh, or on a phone or in a text about whats next between them and whatever theair love from above at the time of the chosen smoothing of the tune that croons one to one and you and you and us them when all that needs to be considered is where these devices come from first, they come from the earth and mineral be skin friend but mining for Cobolt at yeilds of an half ounce a day for a crew of 120 to get iPhone Android to you, so i know what they been through but no i really dont but in a way Wikipedia gives me things to say real smart, in setad i send you there if you want to not be a part of my little website here that could be set apart for two worlds, yay three, thats wait four wait five wait see what im saying they are everyone, so back to what i was saying to ppl bout them hippie tittie chick flicks from the back of the pickup with the mardi gras skirt skirt you see where i am going so what to do to flirt? i dont know but yes i do oh you do we do i am dumb dumpy conqueror i see what i must say, so thats what you will say instead of shocking C-Murder and let him out. You see there is a reason and its not just something i heard lets listen to that song and see what happened if Napster P agree. I pray in hope it helps what may come whatever i may do sittin riding saddled up torno uturno me turno Bobble hit the dome or fill it up with energies of love with FIVE STARRED CIRCLES IN 3D FILL IT UP LIKE SOFT CHAOS WITH MY MATH ON BEHALF. I never said that it was perfect my formula for you, With one accord i am one within me almost lost it well almost do im kinda like a small hulk who one day hopes to turn blue in my Bardo tunnel as I go through, I guess no losin this game as long as we get through it, i forsee a thinktank on this page special dedicated double blog roll for think tank ideas different generation. i am building for the future investing into Internet, slowly growing holding, soometimes i feel safe sometimes i feel not, making DANCE EDM now is my main hobby and writing is my thing. i want to start a business online with your or anyones help not pleading to your mercy just thought it made sense, ya im like got my 10 percent at the door and im seeing my profile in my text the code is getting creepy and i think its making sense to me i mean the things that these senses percieve as superior which are somehow we are all things important that Inderdependent Mara Representing. Mask of Majora ZELDA and A LINK TO THE PAST some say that thug frog frumps around all day smoking pot on his little log in the hole but the whole wonder of the world is where did warez go? well im bringing it back, on my website i announce as to quell all yall haters who think im just a bitch. im gotta boucnince out a kind tip hat to the ladies, fist bumps to the bros and skaters cowboys and bikers, thanks for tha GANGSTA DANCE TONIGHT. me and shorty ok to drive plus i got the keys she drank too much, water fountains for me all night, but we had fun at the GANGSTER BOOGIE i forgot they dont DAMCE ICE CUBE SAYS, i danced so much i wore off the toothpaste on my bright white nikes.

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