Help 111

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Wikkid Mkvli

Hey I'm just a ghost I got the most makes ideas since fried toast also known as, French toast :-p this makes has the wicked clowns ICP instrumental assassins mixed with Don Killuminati the 7 Day Theory Hail Mary, I put us together because I thought it would sound pretty wicked and sure enough this … Continue reading Wikkid Mkvli

Imma Slacker

Well I & I was wanting to do something to honor Tech 9 the founder of Strange Music Inc., because I consider myself for promoter for Strange Music Inc, fringe and it because I always tell people about Rittz but anyway I wanted to show my appreciation to Tech 9, by doing some tracks on … Continue reading Imma Slacker


I just have to say what a wonderful background I have with knowing about Tech9ne, because I grew up in the Midwest and they would put on shows at The Grove and Lincoln Nebraska was one of their stops, admittedly I never made it past driving by and seeing their tour bus and being like … Continue reading WIKKID WOLF