Hey so this is the next series and the two in the AP tribute to the strange Lord himself Tech9 any buddy listening? I’m doing live shows called green book on YouTube trying to put on my out just get my ideas down flushing them out some rap some Rhymes some ideas showing much Found Love and giving a f*** about what’s going on is hard to do and I do a lot of writing and I’d like to put some of that out in my poetry form in a video it’s called a vlog they used to be pretty popular back when YouTube started so I’m happy about that but anyway I just wanted to bring you this track and I’m headed out so the grocery store to hopefully meet a fine ass awesome woman in the produce aisle and see what she’s doing but I don’t know I just be doing some shopping and some onions getting some garlic get some hydroponic lettuce getting some mushrooms getting some some bread you know the, s*** the cure for the Hunger, I know that Tech is on tour last I checked in with them was in Minnesota heard it was colder than a thunder Tundra out there anyways MN CL MN NFC l mmscl MMF CL

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