Wikkid Blur

Greenbook is zeptar.org

Prerecorded from Hell`s Pit. Later, outside from Shrangri-La, ready to go live to plug ya blog updates and things i cantsay on Greenbook.

Co k111er AMBs 1up!

In this video I show my typewriter and maybe had some liGHT EFX No graphics.

Ready reporting RAW painted or not, i never heard the saying, “Conversate, it can`t get any worse.”

Also heard Ouijia Macc play at THE JUGGALO MARCH slaying a tite set of dank dark carnival wikkid phresh entertainment on the 40 or 50 bodies repp`d all 52 states, also on a side note I write love poetry and dark dork rap. Im an unsigned rap artist, MC, and Broken hearted DJ, can whip hits they call me WRISST somethin faster like this gotta remind revions fine so if my bomb ass bad trick aint edited my Martian blood has already bled all over this… im flying a Saucerrrri, with my Pineal WAVE, hovering around the Central USA, have will, will travel. I love to write. Also I can write shorty and Cuavo scencea like romancing or about anything i learn b o u i iiiiiiiiii ye e !

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