RITTZ` Shin Jung jeans

Here’s another Rittz remix straight for the hits got to hit a rope ganja snope for your folks check my head doctor said I’ll be all right now, just cut back on the caffeine, we all got to learn to cut back on that caffeine throw it to Uncle Jimmy and it’s stinky wheelchair pillow

it’s like my fingernail burnt with green substance, just in time, for flowers in the springtime I think you’re so cute how about mine, rain showers rain showers all around rainy day make me think of you like I’m missing someone now, I’ll just say no promo just for Rittz about my love poems to, look if you ain’t in the circle yet you bout to feel the love come through, laying in the bed, comfortable stretching out, just cracked a batch obnoxious, sit there and stare Observer, that was weird you should listen to the Nuggets pouring into this amount, Tink Tink Tink to teen teen teen, you’re over 21 so why don’t you drive, and thanks for the flipside smashy Dashie back to my frog pad frog pond if I explain every picture I own you would really see what you think I’m on, it’s called creative arts, I really feel like I’m playing my part, 1/2 if you with me, Nick Becca caffeine, what’s your screen name so what’s up NB It’s Me 2 3 you in the chat with me and you look like you can’t believe everything that I’m saying, I see that smile I seen before I know it’s more than a concern I mean why can’t you bring it.

Bang? Are you just going to hate on me on Ultra system get me some mittens scripts and passwords just to get my reality check, and you can take that our to added up kind of stuck it true, ouchexclamation trying to keep you from getting your backpack wet get closer run with me like a Atlanta Falcon jet running ladders to get who dat promoting websites and where he go and being, I don’t want to talk to have to fly Chris say back when you send his son to spit go to my website and listen to my f****** s*** who we talked about again talk about some meds talk about some Ned and fact was neighbors get the f*** out my s*** come on do you got a warrant, disbelief in the streets, rioting major cities, they call it a Coupe DeVille 69, watch them bamboos hit the news going to blow up the atmosphere with my news Only Hits a few actually thanks for supporting my heart spent, put in all I had, for the morning, interrupted my yoga, didn’t even phase me, toast champagne for an update!

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