Rainy Days

My sunshine whats up? Im bout to erupt my memory korrupt 2liter my cup, another one ? Tryin to reach you from the otherside all my regret unsaid from being ure friend my love never ends mortal again, u gone u hidden cold without u here or mebe u near, in heaven a spirit nowever more clever at peace ure performances shined

anonradio.net echo side still congrats us for them. I love Moe from here to the moon of u all say gd gd of doom and Moe make me swooning because of the end of the show just music will play and i plead to her come thru to you, hard pssst ffwwdd …

I blame my ability to not trust you my friend my doubts have been all down and the how dare you tell me that just leave that’s why we all self serve we have souls that’s why we all have them I’m wearing I blame the machines attached somewhere red blood cells or somewhere making me cyborg clean machine I was going to elope in Vegas but something made you get taken from us I don’t even know how to say my Carlos went away welcome to your place whenever you want to grace my brace, have a hell of a time tell the time I hanging clocks I’m too old for punk rock family times Sublime on time it’s how I roll you can tell a guitar from a jelly roll if you want to eat a pasta salad with that yo you could just smash mine like it was when you were no longer mine.

I know from your side tomorrow I Will Never Let You Down I will hang around you all the time every time you say goodbye We Will Never Let You Down and I will never let you. It’s like the doors Apperception much appreciated everything poor baby in my African queen star we were baptized in the African Rivers I’m sure you said it from your heart, that was made you a unique Radio Star thank you for playing your part, you did it so well weird feeling in the light and dark Daytime Nighttime will change her schedule so many times or commercial is that on time I even put them on SoundCloud 2 too much to say to a little time I just want to get this remember and sell mine if I could just come back and I did it again whoop says for Brendan 20 yoga push-ups sit-ups all I can say is thanks for being Malta Minds app mle to my GP. A part of me is fsking pissed that the reality of blah sucks some times but put on diff musid diff reality comes and that aint no math jokes she OT ghost in Sweeden now its warm as the Tropics baby sfr8 ants kissing dance hold the floor theres more somewhere im sure return all fighting what for there were barely any untite times who carried the coffin? None of my business i guess. I love angry tricks.

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