Tonto 111

Yeah can let y’all sticks run out why my pinned Runs Out never spend on the benzyl now 32 I’m using Susie’s blue cuz it’s too in between want to do a root want to do a roof push you off no stop all the nerd rap all the reactant y’all m************ act like I can start wrapping but my mom said I could so I’m going to do it good f*** y’all I’m from the hood to b**** I was starving when I was 3 powdered milk all I seen no f****** raisins no ways and beans  I can rap like a mother f****** heart attack b**** cuz I can go way back to the m************ straight into the dope mother f****** s*** mother f***** so how many times I’m not going to curse I don’t know bleep bleep some more and I will drive to her straight to your funeral b**** this my boo what’s a cash a check like a motherfuking stack that’s about La Familia you want to get specific me my homie from Africa told me that hate my f****** war is coming over that’s all I can think sending up smoke signals all over around here some like what month what you got killed I don’t want to talk to us but if you want to talk back down to that as up to 3 somehow it’s negative once again you see we going to solve this DeWitt puzzle if it takes all day long and f*** that drill m*********** I’m talking d w a v e good thing we got to translate a name g o g g g ugly ugly girl on TV anti-bullying campaign G, we the Alien OG, can’t you see the color of the green show disbelief green book in the motherfuker I don’t care no more if it fell together or apart this ain’t no marketing course I’m a finger a missile launch straight to you lunch box I should be twice as big had about six hundred strong we fell off till about 8 or so we ain’t got no rolido x 10 that makes sense what I can go Google what up with that go Google go Google where we’re not go Google I’m going to show you Google is a poodle Google Doodles Google Google Origins Google jellyfish I’ll part of the ecosystem subdivided straight down to double trust Bissell Thunderman Dallas so funny I can’t understand think about a pouring out makes me to another land, what up to bed about 10 grand on my skin and I’ll do a tattoo like this that’s what I charge for my art struggle like bamboos it’s a struggle like bamboo to sell or in words let’s do sword fighting Kimbo Slice, bringing back backyard fights I’m going first I’m tired which is weapons that we like get it out online, I’m just bringing words online that’s my weapon of choice I’ll be in the backyard rapping tell my voice is hoarse like a car I’m driving ain’t sitting there Rustin away cuz I’m like never. So funny y’all silly Lilly’s are IPS past and present future blessings illumination taking over to the nation making notice taking over looks like Rittz is holding a motherfuking gun in my head again eliminating the f****** day cuz it’s a f****** night and my back was his backwards so night is day and day is night but I can’t get the f****** pattern right yours so what the f*** are you going to say when I’m f****** talking so fast I can’t keep up are you f****** little ninja passes you got your you got your yellow slip in the dark cuz I’m checking if you cool off at it I’m about to get some munchies sent but not like that you see we got off BC we are not trafficking only words and music CiCi’s all all all on green all on green on green all on green it’s obscene it’s obscene it’s obscene it’s obscene what you mean what you mean Taylor Jetter tighter jeans her name was and that’s what I said she was his trafficking some jeans from China and I was like what’s up girl we got up and she’s like all night we can Humpty Hump with the f****** plastic nose is likely P eyes to the o to the scene to the V free C-Murder what’s up hell yeah it came through with Ninja Flyers sweaters for the whole f****** pod it’s Christmas time where that bag of Love show my ninjas locked up a gift wish wish wish wish wish wish wish ain’t no family ain’t no family and your family in my heart is locked up right now can’t you see all my feelings I’m a girly on a woman I ain’t no girly I’m a woman going to make me stop on a woman that’s how I like to chit chat on a daytime I like to watch my girls at we drink tea and it’s interviews interviews questioning all about looking things and l u c k y smell of chocolate Thai put them in all right let’s go and that’s what I’m depositing on you ninjas when you want to see Golden Gate in just as she still with us she might yoga teacher I think I’m Just Dance and my yoga pants y’all can’t keep track of my dance your coats is wack Don’t You Dance see you stretch your fingers search up see if the stretch up so you search up to your heads up to you which up with you don’t get wet at don’t get wet up it’s a setup homeboy it’s a guitar solo here you go which was the movie Wild slurp slurp the Galaxy Amy X & Y that girl was f****** fine too bad she was double gendered oh my, she was solo f****** wreck off of lie, if I was on time she was real girl that’s right I was hitting the wall but my wife’s best friend girlfriend called me sister saw some octopuses at the zoo thought about making it some dates with me and you or something taking me on a double date or something that’s all I needed to do it’s a warning it’s a it’s a it’s a new dawn never know what’s going to go down in the stove getting chicken chicken pot pie y’all so inconsistent with your Tech ninjas I thought the saying like I am and Joe he’s a little b**** you know you see if you was Elvis in this body would you be like me and I don’t know so it down it’s a lot to know because when you just chilling you never know what you prefer Ginger and you know you got me ginger and you know you put it in there and that’s the trash fire calling mr. Ouijia MACC G and I got on like now I can’t pick up answer I can’t do my call because I’m all day to answer and just chilling on y’all and just it’s all okay if you want it’s it up cuz I’m just f****** chill until I’m blowing myself up and that’s not even like a birthday cake it’s like a lump in my throat all day and when I try to write seriously I’m just like kids living with me like f****** 29 that’s at least what my ex girlfriend said before she died from who knows Broken Heart I did I can’t even say what that is it’s so serious and I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t want to share with cuz it’s f****** don’t want to die with it I don’t want to die with her like she did she got hopeless and probably took all her medicine I don’t know her family wouldn’t call me I didn’t even know about a funeral it was so f****** sad I f****** hate it it and it makes me just tear up just thinking about it it’s pain it’s anger it’s everything anyway I’m hoping to Channel all of it in a positive way and thank you for tuning in they told me I’m okay but I’m just missing all the people that are gone away so fuckcancer like Rittz say and I don’t even remember what I’m writing at this point say so fuckcancer.

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