Talking to Elisty the cat, she’s pissed. Quick gravitation, “acoustic levitation” by Devin the Dude you should go check it out and come back dude! It’s going to be a song don’t you think I will see that we shall play?

You know she likes sticks and laser beams, yeah apostrophe yeah j e a h! It’s a little slow, let’s just I got the Richter scale hell I’m just going to drag it around the world acoustic variations, should we see what before T post? What you saying? No yolk or broken Dayton spokes.

(Mew!) Nope nope yep yep yep, let’s just listen to this guy e l i s t y and I think he will probably tell us what’s up Mew, Phil tell you what’s up great Lucas! This has something to do with a hear something called “48 Laws” yep and there’s important so let’s go get some music and recognize about some Wreckonize by strange Army and the “Galil” 55654 5 rifle it’s about his “Galil” it’s an Israeli design AK Ivor rifle get down with the catk111er com 😉 sensation developed in Philly by zeptar but this is far better be not more the fox out we not d u n no more. Your ear with these Melodies, you don’t even know how gang games dog googly googly moogly whatever.

The whole South to the east keep it r e d a l though, to the west to the middle keep it real low LOL o, hey what’s up? Welcome to the cat k111 er c o m versation calm version Asian Asian it’s my little blogger blogger schmutter daughter YouTube stalkers chaussures what’s up?

Yeah I told you about it I don’t want anyone to 3li * me. I’m not saying it again it’s my w r e k o r d s yeah just don’t be like me okay this is cat k111 like me? Mew Mew!

Yeah cats!! Meow! All around trying to git es away will she ain’t Eve trying to get away are Mew Mew! I don’t know what she wants… She wants to be on the show! Alright let’s have her on the calm versation with us with her.

Brad is my producer you know d a o is on the console in the OnStar room (dramatic piano riff) just want to know producer if the producers available right now she’s meowing for you she’s calling for the producer! Oh I guess that’s me zeptar, Brad must be flying around the Sun for about 3 Days by now I haven’t heard from him crazy LBC punks.

And I don’t know dude, kind of talking funny, it’s not the headphones God damn it! She OT, do not be like me you me and meow meow meow meow the cat k-11 e our conversation killer Bass tonight, the conversation is about legalizing marijuana in the United States normal icing woop woop meow! Down arrow a t you want to talk about? Legalizing. Marijuana. And the USA. Accepting it. Own it. Oh, it’s medicinal it’s been proven in person, I don’t mean proven successful, there. Is more than it’s legal than in five states, multiple territories, like Amsterdam, including Portugal maybe, Greece? Around the world! Expand to Spain. If not Spain let’s work on smoking some herb so hold on let’s listen to Devin the Dude hold on he’ll tell us everything for the conversation today we are. In my mind I’m keeping it Gangster with Devin the Dude but he’s not here in the studio just type in hyphen hyp Ian Fortran vocoder shower but he’s not here in the studio like I said hyp in HRM, I guess it’s Opie music show and o w m e o o w! Oh, rap music as soon as me, yeah I’m a little wacky new new rap. Plus Devin the Dude makes real music with real instruments mostly and Harleys is computers and his recordings OG likes stand up slot bass sounds and acoustic guitars with real drums real Jim Bass real cowbell real Dinner Bell he even flow sick as f*** and talk about real s*** about like taking life swamps and how is better to just be flying a drone around the beach taking video making a video around the beach green moss upon that beach and some why sand it’s kind of cold outside though not like Long Beach.

Rap music at Sue’s me well my cat wants to m e w e l i s t y e l i s t y m e o w tonight we are talking about…

In all honesty I’m a friend of all animals I know animals or ever harmed I’m in a production of my blogs, XFX and like werd.

2017 Space Gray iPad (

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