Imma Slacker

Well I & I was wanting to do something to honor Tech 9 the founder of Strange Music Inc., because I consider myself for promoter for Strange Music Inc, fringe and it because I always tell people about Rittz but anyway I wanted to show my appreciation to Tech 9, by doing some tracks on my DJ stackKarma

I hope Tech9ne gets the here then and visits Greenbook and has a chance to listen to these tracks on a booming system are they some good headphones or something, I totally neglected doing some stuff around the house but I’m supposed to be sleeping anyway I stay up all night and write and make music I have insomnia, a little melatonin usually helps with some Benadryl for all the all that have trouble sleeping you don’t need that crazy s*** that makes you drive your car in the middle of the night and go get a bucket of chicken from churches or wherever the grocery store Deli and embarrass yourself by making music and writing blogs just kidding, but in reality the ambience on these tracks sound good to me healthy hobby time is away from responsibilities but it’s important stuff that you really like to do, I love to just engineer tracks all damn day or make videos or do Graphics or something like that, if you’re looking for a remix just get my attention, although all the people I do remixes for weren’t looking for my attention I found them, and that’s pretty much the way to surf the Internet and find your interest instead of being spoon-fed tweets and Facebook posts, make sure you get your Greenbook in, I’ll try to post more, but that’s never for certain usually though I’m able to write to you next up I think will be some t r u, I’ve got to finish the tech EP soon though it’s been a long day and I’m usually asleep but working nights you never really get used underneath the Moon.

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