I’m obsessed with this freestyle from DonDada, he killing the raps out straight he may like 5 million views ain’t no stoppin this dude I might be handling my mixes a little sloppily but I dropped them properly follow me on YouTube subscribe whatever i ❤ Mixxx, watch the video hahaha just playing you never know when it's going to blow up big thanks to d o n da da Don's on. I Can't Stop remix seeing this and so many songs with it, it really speaks to me and I ain't even really familiar with everything he's talking about but is it sounds so dope fresh tight on point totally rad cool Hood news.

In my opinion the gang gang 1 needs of some band passing which is some effects that don't have right now I'll have to see if I can get something patched in from the thrift store or RadioShack a holic's to make it more smooth cuz it's kind of a rough air there's a lot of air in it and needs band past for any of you EQ Geeks Flicka da Flicka. More draw m*********** straw hat live cable all 50 states underwear commercial, all ladies swallow sweet cheese with me making moves sometimes I have episodes of insane nightmare terrors so I just stay up and write music blogs poems sometimes worst to worst sometimes funny about to drop some more on y'all after yoga.