DJ Stack

Of course I want to write a bunch of stories but realistically I need to work on some music I have a bunch of old unpublished stuff and I have a bunch of new ideas with the mix in the studio so I’m going to be working on that tonight so this is just a little short note to my readers that I’ll be posting at the end of the night hopefully something creative and worth reading but right now I’m just doing music so don’t cry just asked me for one piece I’m on my own planet called zeptar Don’t You Know Me another Moon does circle around my eye French Inox big shout out to this stupid Mars The Bully that stole my dime who help me Sharon sorry I broke that first rule of the 48 line hopefully we can just be friends I can hopefully stick to my limit and Hell and make it about will there ever be peace cuz it’s the piece of my heart and all this my eyes wanting forever to buy me a phone to know East forever changing you better recognize I’m not like I used to be I’m all alone too much time on my hands this fella just look at you and me I’m not showing hey I’m just showing love trying to keep my pay heavy but y’all know that’s a joke on our way I’m just kind of saying like look I know what I need to do my eyes see it through forever and all y’all talking about peace I’m trying to spread peace but there’s all kinds of racist s*** out here motherfuking people getting thrown off buildings motherfukers murdering their families not to mention all that b******* about the religious groups so I mean f*** piece Westside big UPS West Brooklyn s*** I can’t even begin to say Flash.

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