Travel 2

Don’t try to hook up then giant serving I’m on a plane getting swerving off some Tanqueray and Bombay shots I brought for along the way I baby you ready for this vacation to the Caribbean just fine we’re really going to Cleveland to see the Browns in the middle of winter, its my dream date don’t be late.

All should I drop this drink on my lap it was a f****** kamikaze if I could kill myself you would never find my body soap pH you when you totally balance time not enough s*** to keep me sedated on this plane ride to Vegas or wherever we going cuz the last time I went psycho they wanted to throw me on a plane to Idaho to drive a Hummer be in the sand dunes and let the tires and fleet in deflate like a f****** moon boom million f****** paper clips in my office room saying can I help you dude back at the Rancho I hope someone paid Sancho cuz what I really want to know I’ll baby is this vacation going to be van outer space station what type of plan did we get into I don’t know if it was a shuttle ship or what to our UT Molly fountains oh yeah I found a mirror girl lady back s*** I just kicked out out of my world what am I going to say I don’t really know I’m just here to tell you that I’m happy I quit smokes and I ain’t got a joke on the tote cuz thats medicine for folks.
If you can’t get down with that dinner I guess some alcohol straight down your throat for your punk ass that don’t get down with the grass pad thai on grass or Acapulco where again we headed I just got back from the bathroom and I smoked a bowl and a straight skunked up the cabin the captains hi now and this straight in the booth laughing about the display of display narrow dynamic machine stuck at Oak I’ll s*** now we gotta overly lay on me.

We must be pretty far cuz it looks warm outside but I can’t tell a soul frigid almost died of laughter after this s*** we even after you droid on my shoulder started buzzin and vibrate and faster you musta got a call though your Nintendo phone up to the earpiece when your brain was blank that gone. Well I’m glad that gosh you up my little ghetto vet cuz the ghetto tech playing on the train we about to hop on next keep it on airplane mode this is the hair wires might explode or implode this a blue tooth can be used on a airplane no more because of some little w**** that was singing with the choir on fire water up the Union to the Y in yang she was fine no trust me you would have been all up on that b**** is business smacking your ass ago. Oh s*** this train is f****** long it’s about hundred cars it’s a big strange ship going into the bars of the mountains of Utah you will f****** right how about that for some third Eye insight I need no I really love you cuz oh the love that you brought through will make me see through all this s*** there we’ve been through this last 45 minutes to we know any of us me and you right boo? Take back that cuz I know its been longer than a hard attack when we met way back a couple years ago straight driving me around driving me home I didn’t have a car and I look like so pathetic I thought you would never bone, like a nicotine ball when I popped your balloons I felt like a 20 feet tall, granny granny granny, what the hell is this lady standing at me for I think its a crossdresser but undressed and his uniform close the cabin door.
So I locked his gay ass out what does happy ass smokes and then I took totes from the marijuana choke no the bat like that with his knees just a wish and a kiss for my traveling companion lady friend she make sure I get there safely whatever the hell we going…

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