So if you didn’t know about a capital D called.DonDada, i be mixx master zeptar miximg in the dark while in the light see hear and feel the sights qnd sounda and let the YouTUBE EQ`s maaster mixtapes and the gritty litty mixing none other than us, me, I & Ai comes forth when i whip my pickup of instrumentals off tracks like tickle on ivory or pluck string infinite.

😎 actually mixes over a year ago and just got around to sending it loose on the tubes it’s an instrumental on a track that I can’t remember from not to way back but little far back long enough I can’t remember the original so it’s whoever really plugged in strange and rolled them rolls on them keyboards big props sorry you didn’t get credit on the blog at this point I’ll try to review for it and see if I can’t figure out what song the instrumental off the track was but I did mix that with my hands then plug no strings are Ben no bins folds five or ten so hope you listening cuz he is another one that I did this one’s new weirdo I’m going to give it to you when to post as much as I want to inflate my click roll I’m a zero Pro you know need a rhyming app to throw at my back when I’m on attack.

This next one be based off Tory Lanez say it which is my motto because more than that it means do it go through with it and even though life’s painful and hard it’s filled with all the good that DonDodz n them sing about, I think he said something about how I’m the White Michael Jackson on a track but I ain’t singing no sings rapping no wraps just put it attack on my DJ stack like that.

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