Santeria Jam

I recorded this on a two-track setup on a Windows PC it was a Gateway 2000 computer they last a long time here’s a YouTube video on my recording from 2004 I call that Santeria Jam. Sounds like I was playing with my best friend well I’m going to be doing for a while I said I’m going to practice guitar that’s what I was up to back then, now after all these years I found it on a gopher protocol website online through a protocol portal. Anyway I’m working on writing some stuff and as you can see what it looks like around here I wanted to start using images again there was too much words in the page is taking too long to load for people I was getting, instead of taking too long to load and then my sub domains weren’t loading so I bought red Book that’s book with v hose that’s five o°s.

(CC4.0) <a href=””>redboooook</a&gt; 2018

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