Gold In That

Yo I’m a nice Princess Zelda fella get her out the cellar, I’m an ace on the Helms on the console ass make it known that I am some when I spend I got bigger jigga figures and bigger rocks for your fingers he say on some stroll at your station that you watching me from out of space lations but I know you just not even hating your eyes are just penetrating me as I feel so emotionally attached to your energy ratchet rabbit said to me smoke a hundred packs a day what were the heck is mine in them stacker rentals you popped my brain like a zip let’s go to the zoo and see the champ they got a lot of money and Zim systems a few bad batches of Hope just holding on to anything that I could wrote to you to me to the world, look at it I’m going to. Plot me for poet conspiracies extra team likes to read and butcher meat and reviewing magazines not even on the scene account that at about 4:15 five on me got on that sin found a dime with some Henn, got a blunt rapping cuz it’s Friday night and I’m feeling alright, up early in the morning ain’t got s*** to do no job nothing just listen stuff and smoke with you, I’m up all night writing I got you on my mind and I’m married to this f****** game and I’m like dondada the streets is always the same and Lisa that girls have never change it’s time for z e d o n g s a y c wordplay just to show you hey 5 never go away I’ll need spirit-lifting that’s all I need to proceed off of live typing session, my keyboard is double plugged in 1 on PS2 and 1 on USB 10 1 I’m in the future you can’t escape me changes sutures because I’m bleeding girl it’s you I’m needing, blame it on the Nas I can’t get a pause in my statements on Psalms, no chapters a day Aqua push unless me and you can get down witty by the dish wizzy hidden with me as if they can go around and ring lock it up like it’s mean that’s what’s a little pinky thing what’s that US size 6?

(c) redbook 2018th

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