Diamond Heart

Hard heart
All about love girl don’t say it’s a waste of time
You supply me with the irons to get my life all whack like, Tom again let you know where the way I’m flowing get that out of control I’m just a f****** book on the internet what could I ever expect to get a warrant a whip arrest flip switch this Can’t Even Flow yeah we need Migos.

Underrated under padded underpaid I’m serious I’m feeling them is that a push-up?

Paparazzi just get off me I saw you girl you shot me just like cupid with the Harrell arrow on his heart if I had a $50 bill I’ve spent 17 on a meal to cook for us and we go out with the rest the remainder, that’s about 4 3, I got to be in the top five on the rise in the blogs as my writing kills my hands but not as much as you kill this man, that’s a throwback to a honky tonk. Nevermind, can’t you tell that I’m always on time I’m always loyal I’m always faithful always go way out of my way just to see you, the sun people out there that are on their daughters for a Pimp now I’m on the low keeping it real low why can’t you just know I know you will so hot you burn me girl, you turnt RJ and too tired wired I’m happy like for real p h a r eel, all I got is white girl on the brain she got a big bubble butt and she slept like what and I like I’m finish but I’m seeming that I’m just floating and beaming when I got the flow and I’m stupid shows it’s not you it’s just a little game, if that lets you do that too then you going to do that too and that would be like that and I’ll be like that and you would be like who?

Of prose poems are out of control it’s kind of like rap it’s something to do typing on my little keyboard oh so tru, my heart for you I’m capturing all that my heart can sue like 12 million strong make that cuadra’s up to you where you want to meet for drinks cuz I’m Prime on Thursday night. It’s a premier when you’re near Love’s in the air, distracted by so many things and you’re one of them and I’m over that I hope you’re over that cuz that was whack I can’t be trapped and that type of class I want to celebrate cuz all my commas turn the commas at a lot of hot hot girls I just stare hopelessly in love forever not anyone but you that’s so tru, I’m out of control a f*** around and lose my lose my mole, I’m one of the hardest poets hitting the streets I’m spending the million on this I gave up on the ads I hope that’s good, so if you really want to pay me back for all my words just send up a prayer one up one down one sideways one of the Southwest one of the East one of the Northwest that’s where I did the best, big computer times on par like a golf cart slapping down stacks of cards on your hand I’ll be the first one down like blam yeah that’s my man show me that ring show me you need to tell me and need some warts like I’m a Frog and you going to kiss me and turn me into a prince yeah I bet Prince trick drummer Spitz spirits hum drumming so hum to Allah and do your job check in with me I am of wow, but if you must know I got to know a chick that looks just like Hocus Pocus I know it’s ferocious but it’s the truth yosis she poppin them down for money I ain’t even funny check out mursday I’m strange my heart race is outer space the aliens are related to the cows race, it’s new knowledge I invented just to let you know.

(c) redbook 2018

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