Rittz Ad-Libs, Latest my blue that I can give promotion spin…


Up in this b**** again people that it says listening please get intense and into him he said we win promotion good job.
New line when I get dope I lift the fence so those intents and listening my imprint is symphony get intense in into me that King in s*** Prince s*** hit the fan. Trying to play with me you think you’re James someone will s*** I’m James Bond want to play with it fun we drinking and taking out frustration. Said dead pay this homie said blazing so let’s get to Gray’s up. Ninjas who told me they appreciate it and gave love and although lattes is set silly with me I just gave love, that was lovely I’m in debt and I done took pay cuts otherwise I would have took you home
We would have finished it all up to the last cake from Hunger for lunch but I just ate breakfast and dinner what it was scallops and crustaceans?

Writing on and on like a warlord or a blooming like a monarch think about it I’m far out I came out to her for a minute and I’ve been on a minute in a blew up Redbook is staring at the words of a warlord so far I’m up, hi and I’m surprised when the doctor blue Redbook. I think we’re both wondering how I grew and all the s*** that I’m going through. I’m not going anywhere and if I do it’s on tour and my crowds and I’m going nowhere you should watch your mouth. Cuz you, might get punch from anywhere with shroom juice, trust me it’s lights out for you you’ll get drownded I’ll look I found a down here maybe it is what it isn’t but I thought it was my year I love strange Rittz hits on the Block Blitz computer sing ins you should study the craft work I’m running on spell books. XYZ and I think it’s really the s*** too just dropping those lines for me to you that one’s blue, Redbook is through the roof I love bringing words to you rich just told me to shut up,

It was Stan about telling me about becoming a rapper and I was just after check a white jesus that was me, yeah, standing in the studio working after my back hurts it’s tight from putting pistols on my side straps. Got to be strapped for GED class. Feeling like a sleazebag but still had a reoccurring feeling when I relapsed collapse whoa Dimebag Darrell.? Yeah right guitar squeal!
New line
On time
I got a Peach Pass Uline fine time time spine spine. I put on death I took my steps I’m wondering what’s next, I stood out I felt like there was no one I could not out rap, that’s why I look all mad, I’m in the dark in a boat without a paddle it’s really hard growing up and being adults but don’t b**** about it everybody’s got to do it just wish it blinking light the candles like a sugar bowl to Kellogg’s it’s harder and harder when you fall off I’ll be getting bigger and bigger and bigger from the beginning and still getting overshadowed the fans love me f a m feelings when I travel to the middle of nowhere.
New line Uline my time online much appreciated I was here from the beginning door crafts and style litty litty litty litty litty litty litty litty litty litty litty litty litty.

I’m in town walking around with the big crowd, yeah life’s improved. You should watch your mouth because you might get punched from the middle of nowhere. This might be light out for you for real it’s rich bich. you want hard well I’m going to do both then it’s kind of hard with my mom to swim in show him that I both twins and I’m boned twins so slick and it was after cuz my mind was like white trash and I’m stacked stopping for a photo, smiling so sick like I need a gastric bypass education to tap this ass. With the clientele the mattresses I mashed all I can hear is Dimebag Darrell guitar squeal e Willy that’s how I feel e it’s silly silly silly for really really really we can talk to Billy Billy Billy for a milli Milli Millie’s cuz he gives finally jhx Jay and shags 2 Dope swinging upside down on a rope with a Faygo hair flow looks wack in IMAX just send me with my hand tat they wiretapped driving fast cars and finance fright and that’s a sight of my vibe, people wondering where I come in from and how I knew I’m out of town there crowds and prove I’m in the middle of nowhere, you should watch your mouth cuz you, might get punched from, the middle of nowhere. It might be lights out for you you might get wounded founded down in the middle of nowhere, nowhere, nowhere, nowhere.

(CC4.0) redbook 2018

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