b**** you don’t give a s*** I don’t give a s*** either

I strive for change not in resolve position I see. For you see girl, my heart map not go on long in the struggle of the city, I came here faithful people here have never seen one like me thank God for that yeah.

Woman where you at? My other part not mind control, I and I see that your big brown eyes bouncing Violet red shaping and seeing my inner being I feel.

Age of time Immortal those to swell lies pull me through space Power tractor beam I cannot stop my radioactive feelings for the truth in front of my eyes and face. I o Cyrus! The lesson of this bird dreadlock understanding man is no chicken of the yard but God I must confess. It’s major.
The power flows like the force all day I pray and sing alone and I would always do what I must do. I’m over being LSD guitar major ellipses?

Period a total breakdown of human positive to negative I raise my red gold and green red white and blue whatever Scion flag ellipses stop shi shi shi shi shi shi shi shi Beach.