What’s the Bionicles in the finals for the Chronicles this morning Cole from the oracle?
Well that makes sense she was hopping on the fence and Pop I saw kit out now I got to lock it out so I woke up this morning and I have myself a beer like mr. Jim here Morrissey pour a little out for you that’s true Brew Corona Extra from me to you still I’m tied up trying to scramble my ride up so I can get some documents printed up it’s all about the docks do EX DFCS Das EFX.
But when awake it’s time to get slippery with soap in the shower after an Hour of Power peel off push-ups and sit-ups like I’m dead straight z e d h e d that make me feeling good best believe I’ll be back to work the neighborhood latest today they be like I can’t believe house while he looking today and he behaves.
I might be insane but there’s nothing really strange about a fine ass dude muscle pounds of 248 something great my right wrist is hurting all this working in the kitchen whipping up water for your daughter got me caught up cuz.
Next I’ll be on the turntables mixing up some Blaze and Bone Thugs and Harmony go on and cut it on that’s Wheels of Steel how does it feel better than LCD chasing the rabbit wheels for reals.
All y’all notebook Riders keep it psychopathic I switch my pen game to an LCD letting the whole f****** world have it cuz I don’t need to carry paper I got credit cards every month I robbed the ATM like I was living large told you haters always showing behind the veil like a badass does before I go before you punk me you rat bastards ratm Guerrilla Radio will get you caught up cuz blibli.
No I don’t work out naked or do yoga naked that’s blasphemy against Loom Weavers who kill they grandma to sell you a sweater and warm weather on the prophecy scream hot hot hot! So damn hot it’ll cook your ass and teaspoon the shade I am playing cook the salty Hog’s ass. But I show restraint.
I remember at all like them saying it’s you didn’t pay me when I did it gets intense so I just burned some blood Dragon incense to make sense of the Crooked atmospheres around here’s cheers let’s have a beer.
I’m a badass motherfuker here, stupid and Looney like Corleone you’ve been dumped on me so read and weep, at my funeral you can have Siri reading a Blog back to you or if you prefer Google’s voice she can do it too but I ain’t trippin on the afterlife it’s time to get the day started take a piss and farted I’m woke now half retarded it’s a shame always puts a rest right when I get started.
I see another day ahead of me and this work to be done so wake up blaze a bowl wake and bake get real swole take a shower after breakfast rolls and going online to feed the trolls Punk pussies don’t talk to anybody you think that’s a troll I like my hair I dyed it black number 1 cuz of Type O.
B**** b**** b**** b**** want to f*** with the unfadable Batman b a d m a n my body counts higher then a Vietnam veteran who was in the s*** legit straight raining down Terror on the m************ for the Ho Chi Minh b******* killing innocent citizens who just wanted to be a part of the political process and have strict government regulations faded back just like we did back in 1776. So what now was coming in 2040 told you this was the oracle eyeball and you b**** so what it’s all how I see now I am not agent taken on that pussy Neo Geo klovn on his stick and ABC getting down like a buzzy bee buzz buzz buzz sting Yumi.
For all the police and every f****** State all they do is f*** with me and try to incarcerate, they want to lock up me my photos and everyone that I know they can all kiss my ass cuz I work hard to bring the word you heard? Straits Bryan taught how to not get caught up and don’t slang or Steel peace wield for my meal. I’m Legit motherfukers.
9-1-1 emergency please hold.
Still Rock The Waves still blaming k, still got to be for your hose overshadowing me, y’all are calling defense moves at Port time, you don’t know me or what I do take the flashlight and attitude and hunt for some bruise instead of flashing at me in the dark with all you accuse about some little kids bike that got stolen they put on the news.
Yeah I took the f****** bike and a rototill the Dayton’s broke b**** it was f****** pink and shiny and hot asses on the handles cuz I had to double my b**** from the mall food courts.
B**** I’m from the old block from the old sign with nines on the street sign Mike Cleveland Vine, back from the dead Casey in case you forgot riding that train fly in the show with no chains only thing I got on is my pinky ring that I make a divot in you forehead a five head R6 head 7 foot punch! Of course I really shoot the car jack car trackers switching web so much I might as well buy my bites and commissary from the pp p pppoe IP Dealey tone pressing zombies but instead I play it off I’m going to work on my rights to remain silent I’m practice looking hard with my eyelids moving my face and great contortions staring at the artist talking like once you paint a picture with some of my car s**?
That’s Blaze back from the dead straight taking the choke smoke, straight dirty gangster no water no soap, and that’s my hope D out there sitting on them things though I’m drinking on a 40 with nowhere to go now, got lots of caps to swell tell me how I feel when I can’t get a meal I’m f****** desperate hoe looking like I’m flipping gym in the chicks that Chicken Shack but that was really why Jesus in the Crock-Pot was crucified and not shot.
You can shoot me in the face and that s*** don’t even hurt, set the 40 on the curb and I’m back from outer space, put your hands up hey Playa hatin m************ you can shut the f******, you don’t respect nothing it’s like you don’t know in case you forgot I want to remind you hoes that on the motherfuking poet with the goddamn Pros Plus in the photos with my gimp skills yo but check it on this blog you going to roll some strange as s*** freak word seek puzzles that’ll leave you spinning with it.
I guess I had a so good that I forgot about all these carjackers and murderers and people stealing all these Lutz, in case you forgot real cheese G, I always stay high and keep about 4-5 alibis for any time, in my ninja shoes straight leaving motherfukers floating dead in swimming pools motherfuker cut them sandals off I said put on your ninja shoes they got a toe split like a turtle, now it’s time to go wake up my trick and get a fat ass script or that ass me going to eat cuz I’m so damn hungry brought her breakfast in bed you know she flip the Jammy, I hit harder like no whammies straight hit it from the park out of the home god dammit batting averages back swollen got it going on big as a Coke can between a thighs have a one good time again more than I can count that’s what I’m about out the gate a murder that pussy wider than a water park at Sunrise after Dark.
Now it’s time to lace up go out hit the streets make some meals k111 ER dump in the beats when I’m in a homicidal rage, took them holy water and anointed the 12 gauge, hit the waxbitch say a prayer b**** cuz I’m not sending you straight to a casket, to the graveyard so don’t perpetrate and try to act hard I’ll erase your face book page Without a Trace and take over your Myspace with leave you with no Earth memory to speak, I get into your right center lobe if you say no I don’t do that s*** to prove so move your f****** cow give me those big pouty eyes show up again tomorrow night get it on Long strong with Zedong. All in all it’s just another day I’ll put it in and go to work I’m not a crook Taking Lives In fact I’m giving back I’m showing how to not explode when inside you hold pressure in your chest and so much pain I know I got power when I work words God bless and curse forward and encourage make it bold and unfold my chefs mask and head to the diner to chop some hash eggs beef and that is pretty much my morning routine keep it consistent be persistent and always listen to the beat that is hidden. So just clock that made you chetta, it gets better.

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