What you hittin` on, what you clippin` on wat WE splittin` on what you dippin` on who u smitten wid `and on n on?

Everyone come see the greatest show comes to the greatest show you know everybody comes to the greatest show going to be down with the Clown

Everyone that comes to the greatest show gather up all took a Lowe’s pickup truck to move some s*** with me like clothes washer she’s She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy social thinks we gonna roll something women like about a pickup man so.

Everyone come see the greatest show gather up all Juggalos and roll.

Entire world is falling entire world is falling

This is the tale of misplaced love the tail of a man searching for that misplace love in all the wrong places how he gets his face ripped out of his chest that’s his heart that gets ripped out and slowly stops beating as he watches it with his face slowly stop eating beating blood with oxygen.

Violent J spent three years in a mental Asylum now he’s out and he’s fine now no doubt, rolling home he saw a big China girl with the cell phone she have it going on but what really nothing’s wrong was staring out or too long,. She had a name tag on Roxie Caribou Lou she like to drink too she made it known stepped up to her like Alo I’m just kicking it I said I got this big bag of shrooms shrooms and this big fat dick suck on it start looking at which she switch your position back and forth no for seeing which would be occurring on the stern of on 4th of course.

She said she’s down for the tactic then I said want dicks down for the to tongue cactus I threw it in the back of my jalopy she was sloppy but nothing can stop me, good good God I was like Jesus, straight tagging it raw committing sex crimes if it’s wrong to be in love and then sent from above it ain’t wrong get it on all day long.

Toxic love is so lovely it’s so lovely is so lovely as so lovely toxic love is so lovely it’s so lovely it’s so ugly and so

Spawn you that I hurt you did she burn you yes you burn me bring it to me her. And yang recording dinging straight for the coffee coupons out of NY bling bling shiny jeans one-third or cut Brooklyn style.

Toxic love I’m so lonely I’m so lonely I’m so lonely I’m so lonely trick burn me and it hurt me. My whole car smells like pickles I stuck my toe on her ass and made a freaking Abraham sniffle wrinkle. Snapped off for today nipples with a quick lick era slurp back and forth straight drop her off headed back home took a shower then chilling for about an hour.

When I woke up in about after I’m out of media shower the media shower meteors meteors meteors shower X over copy that love signal on my wiggle wiggle what a Good Vibration love and coming back to me I can see there’s no Hayden.

I started shaking and I had a fever my Johnson was as big as a rocket filled gas to liter filled with streamers a purple bunions what’s blueski flaking like onions ,  a case of skiffle of Vegas no doubt I’m going to have to find that trick and whoop her out, I’m so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely

Thoughts of Love trick did this the. Can never trust her again why me

Does she run you yeah did it hurt you yet that sucks yeah are you f*** yeah with a V yeah that’s me yeah that’s you..

You’re so lonely lonely lonely lonely toxic love toxic love love me love me love me toxic love lonely toxic love

What the f*** is your opinion about it? Oh I’m going to miss you because my piss hole streaming purple phone wines and candles around 4 past 9 after the Pringles show you why my Dandy candles handle stronger Flame game same think again trust science my friend

Shouldn’t Dragon my balls behind me there’s big is a mailbox bumpy and grimey I’m glad I ain’t dead yet there she is on the big Zug Island and then Dust your way song Industrial Waste Zone chromosome that you own pwn Das not mean now n a h m e a n?

Man I’m working on my job. Hold up I think I just saw the same bit trick Swiss shoe looks toe up swish wish, f*** them it’s not a girl at all that’s a barrel of toxic waste. Oh my God WTF I done Roxy Carol is a horny one, my cream dick headed back to the Looney Bin, I just turn myself back down try no escape from not dark man don’t want to live in the park, saying give us I’m so lonely I’m so lonely I’m so lonely

Toxic love did she burn you yeah me too tru. Love did it hurt you now did it hurt you now and it itch and a h a h n a h. I’m so lonely I’m lonely I’m lonely I’m lonely. Toxic love did she burn you yep did it hurt you yo. Yes Dent tended to the Denton.

Don’t make you. Whine whine when I inject my penis inside of you. I’m on balls light up like light bulbs at Christmas time for the family trucker band it does 120 bright cheery bulbs all of his roof and has it all plugged into the storage room depending on a light switch in the kitchen then nobody figures out for about an hour or so.

Green and red, green glowing so warm drain you’re so warm. Tell me the no no no no no no no tell me no no no no no no no no tell me.

Tell me how is it fair how many folks said out loud when you’re there tell me how you buy it tell me you buy it are you next to my head if you’re not them photos are dying and tell me are you hungry are you hungry stem folks are but got no money, are you wealthy them folks can’t help it be unhealthy, some old folks Are People Too Much don’t stop look at you, but it don’t matter cuz they ain’t you tell me, mother f****** the longest truth are you that Wicked are you that Wicked? Don’t Stray Don’t Stray. Come along with it.

Tell me are you crazy them folks Future’s looking hazy, tell me you getting down low some white folks laughing at you, tell me learning them folks will laugh while you’re burning in hell, look my soul is a people too, life don’t stop nor do good times two take that the to the power of c squared, but it don’t matter cuz they ain’t you mofukas tell me it’s obvious truth. Are you that Wikkid?

Violin scratch trap laefe basss fast fuitar riff suefr guitar

Tell me are you ready them folks amen. You nice and ready gun studying Bang that ain’t nothing but people to Tom’s don’t stop but people do don’t matter cuz they ain’t you tried to warn them but do you know those fears on warranted not rightly so or so it seems.. for real mother f***** is obvious truth. Are.u daey wikkid as me no.way! Hell nah! Though you heard it time for dinner suckers amen face to the three e s t

Devil ppl.unbelieeveable

(CC4.0) 2018. ZEPTAR.ORG  


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