Howard Stern NOTES
Starts out with them having a quote from Full Metal Jacket weather drill sergeant praises what train Marine can do by popping off some of his shots and certain seconds and stuff like that next. Call or she’s like she wants to feel falling on them I’m there playing that guy’s phone call I can’t remember who but he’s like want to get some hookers and blow and go crazy and Vegas is like stuff my cock in your face get another woman out get a hire a hooker out and then she’s like I never been with a hooker before she like I can tell is so hot right now and that dude from the news is like so f****** hot and she’s like I can tell you’re so f****** hot right now he’s goes let’s get crazy get some coke she says we can’t talk about that I said if you agree with me just look at me and wink at her a wink at me and give me the signal that that’s going to be the girl he’s like what’s this f****** have sex and have fun let’s get some she’s like no and she hangs up.

Slow down you crazy child you’re so ambitious for a juvenile but if you’re so ambitious why you still so afraid where’s the fire what’s the hurry about now you got to cool it off before you burn it out you got so much to do and only so many hours in the day hey hey hey you know where truth is told you can get what you want you can just get old you going to kick off before you even get halfway through when will you realize the inner ways for you slow down you’re doing fine you can be everything you want before your time go romantic on the borderline tonight too bad but it’s the life you lead is so ahead of yourself you forgot what you need your Chief with your wrong you can’t always see your rights you got your passion you got your pride don’t you know that only fools are satisfied.

Howard comes in he’s like hey now hey now okie dokie okie dokie feels like a wild day he wants to check up on his boy Brent and Annette and see how their IQ test is doing today I know it’s me in E.T moments well I guess I’m in the alien so there’s no service about as good as you’re going to get from an alien pet so you can bet it’ll Skyrocket so how it wants to know where Brent is and he comes out with his little music and it goes go look up articles on memories and when it came back and puts a lot of memory and then determines your work success is your memory that’s what dr. Drew was saying memory is working memory is the key thing that measures intelligence so, he wants to know Howard wants to know if IQ test really means anything to anybody besides him because he puts a lot of weight behind it and the way he sees it Brent tested high and categories he already knew kamanda memorization interesting argument regulations showing intelligence but where he dropped his intelligence is where he may have some serious PTSD but he’s still an intelligent guy and not not unintelligent because of the test God is guys are so brutal just saying sorry sorry you got a low IQ like your brain died in front of them and Princess at the end of the day it was a great radio Brandt great radio bit I don’t know how they always put it on the line but now I know how it feels bad that he had a part in making the guy feel bad about his intelligence.

So he loves Gary everybody loves Gary that’s like when the coach down gets wet down and now they’re talking about how Twitter helps them Vicodin Confidence from their fans cuz it gives them confidence and their jobs and their whole job and radio is for the audience it wasn’t like he was sitting up all night liking tweets that memet sucks it was not an anti Mehmet hate on Twitter it was a love-in feeling the positivity from the Twitter fans that are connected to the show.

Amy and Meaty says it wasn’t fun Mehmet says it wasn’t fun to beat his friend at work I’ll now they’re talking about bootlegging to pay off a bat he even apologized to Howard and wrote Howard an apology card wow so much emotion ran high 8 / acts like I do sir is problem my house. I would always probably be of the same mind to think that Howard was Brigham crazyshit who f****** nose hahaha Ford f****** only roll down hill first on race day lifetime subscription somehow magical I love this fat b**** I don’t know how to forget really back into the show and just do a commentary on it I can do a play-by-play for the marksfriggin fans to be too much anyway this is my attempt to blogging about how it’s done love you Howard Stern love all the stuff and everything I promise to try to listen more this is Stern Soldier one out. Hurry put a curtain.

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