The Rapture Live On iCapture, Rocket-Toe`d GNU Booty `tho Fo Sho Tone Glow.

Augie’s on with it be the rap Rasta reggae boy reggae Morphin DJ’s up Zev like Ouija comes home this book of the book of The Rapture so great things to Kingston and the world! Keeping with the green chalice.

Rastaman sing protect us protect outsole tough material yeah is standing by my side watch what a description z Zips a day

Just f*** that mother f***** whoever be bad-mouthing and being waked and curse you that work no m************ s*** no way sum of all your fears then nothing if you know lift the king up

Mountains cisterns Ruby’s in the, price of the medicine is so high, you know Jah is standing by my side, why should I be afraid of a gangster Rasta mom over tribe and The Comstock lick it 4 Shriver she be a bus driver for you why not who can deliver it?

And your pockets in your cap and new jacket where you at, guaranteed Charisma again to back you up, listen before can pussies are you better sit in on man that says wrong roster confuse Google with singing like James Brown it works when he started saying confuse yourself confuse yourself it just sits there funny AF

Phone is invented awesome invention it’s powerful tool they said they put robots and lasers up in them you can take it out watch a movie but face the screen out when you put it in your pocket that’s all the wisdom I know something about the blue light white light the lights the lasers the beams facing to the back, so anyway I don’t want you to join and I don’t know them or somebody don’t think that just like all the books in the Bible are saying before you know what exactly does it really matter this is the same say you’re sorry spiel it’s listening ghetto stand on your feet
Walk with a paw pad on your feet I guess ninja shoe whatever all f****** not sandals gone glad I cut those off back 07 Jack on coke

the image the image the spiritual you heard that you heard that okay Skagen. Again down on the track check out the gon POD, remix. Remixft

(CC4.0) 2018. ZEPTAR.ORG

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