TRU Dat My zlife skribblez1 and on.

Haha this is for all the algae’s out there thought about it I don’t fall ugs out there don’t think we forgot about y’all today I have a half an ounce tomorrow I’ll have a key if you want to unlock your future you can get some ice cream with me won’t you call me I want you txt me looked out the window and it must be the most The Frigid you first of the month of the month cuz everybody is smiling and dressed up kids having fun in the neighborhood and all skis walking out talking about like it’s all good.

See I’m a G most product I got two for three and y’all can see Mesquite and everybody in the ghetto use nicknames like v90 zeptar and list of big bands my little homies posted up some hanging, some slang in others gang Bangin, I don’t know about what you heard about all that cuz I’ll be posting up on the curb with them boulders talking to the pigeons like I’m School Clicker breadwinner and serving fiends A1 Yoda. Still trying to stay true with my first meal cuz in the ghetto you got fools are trying to get you killed over money so stay true to the game it’s a part of life and if you don’t play you might lose your life.

Tru to the game tru to the game ain’t nothing changed look at my bank account it’s all the same

Try to have things almost a chip like I’m in the casino try to keep things real got my girl she buggin on some G now asking me why I be hustling I’ll be like I got some money to make so what the f*** now I’m going to keep it real if it killed me y’all going to, filmy for I’m done feel cleaning for fresh and f*** come and get some, if not I don’t want none. ,, that’s what they ask me I’ll be like I’m the same on then just same old ninja just ask me staying true. But my mother f****** mail a rich ass ninja got a ball till I fall, next time I’m at this time Silkk going to be beep in my pager talking about we getting in some funnies major major funny or die but why ask why just trust this little joke that I put on the inside

Tru to the game tru to the game ain’t nothing changed but my bank account I’m still the same
These fools can’t see me I claim TRU I thought you knew elbows to my photos and I stepped right through those who opposedsssshhh the politicians run for office they try to run all Affairs of the people but they can’t stop us civil unrest as what they call it but I just got to come with the realness prices of wages down. I know all my folks can feel this.


Now I lay me down to sleep I pray my mom would live in peace and never have to stop and think about this little G going away and a casket are worse than that kid along with a Honda G’s all up in her sleep when will we peep and beep beep to the street the gang gang get it gang gang googly moogly got up vac what’s up with the heart attack Jack
Why not stop I guess they leave me up on the block with a pocket full of tears and then we’ll drop laughing at crooked cops I guess we stay true till you pull me through whoever is you.

I’m ashamed most things have never been the same I miss my little cat that was my daughter that was my only connection like that man but if you only knew what I’ve been through the Lost the sucks true as for me and asked if the pro-lifer surviving MacGyver’s like bending a Knife River.


Still the same it cep and Master P Silkk the hole TRU clik. Drop something in this town we want to trying to represent Realize by now all the haters done fell off realize realize realize this receipt is true to the California, rip to all my homies cuz I’m true to the game believe that keeping it real can never sell out keeping it real though catch the city Playa haters if you ain’t true you ain’t No No Limit Soldier and that’s on the real.

(CC4.0) 2018. ZEPTAR.ORG

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