TRU 2 DA GAME: “Track 7” OG 4/18/1997 NO-LIMIT Records

Master P talks about all task forces online looking for drug money on record company IRS audits, its based on an old beat taking from something in probably the 70`s.

After complainimg bout phalse flag games he,.P pontificates in smooth motion bout scopin on snitches lile.that somg starring like Luni Corleone drawn in my imagination nullogic fits.

SILK Lays electricty spraying step ahead is the name of the game, backup singers fade out, No one is admitting to dealing drugs, its a big what if, tempting powers that be on the Sanctity of Business PWN hacker jacker tactics. Feds can be anyfukinbody not the law but its like a media blog can be seen badly, all i long for is Free C! nah mean?one Love Keep.ya

☆ 5/5 zZz!

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