I all along why I’m making some camomile tea Superstar from an average Joe Supernatural stepping out looking like I’m going to Fashion Show Kim and send me look at me like I’m in this industry and now you want to see me blow up like a tank of gas explode now I’m high sitting in the back with the Jack and Coke sitting back and coach about to make a full but we ain’t fitting to make a casserole shots fired, like Kennedy was up in the grassy knoll I’ve been looking like a changing talking like I’m changing with a smile all the while I’m really changing looking like the chef just cracked the yolk or just snap some code that I just wrote Midwest psychopathic rydas never had my password vote, because I’m chilling in the caddy not the patio back in when the industry was all a bad about the fashion yo and y’all had the whole s*** locked until May Come and crack the code, don’t really mean to brag or boast but my fans they give me gas to go she said she listens to my music in the bath so now that’s a wrap quote she could chill, yea `yeah.

Come over and blow an ounce all night tap tap my pounce all night I’m going to get up right you know that’s all right. 566K Likes Video section performances stuff, RITTZ cooking, lulz.

Nam back dipping back to the South does Muhammad Ali footwork upper Kalamazoo Never follow spend a couple thousand on shoes how can we lose tomorrow I’m repping clientele you out of the loop these music dudes are clueless who we was until I produced all my own stuff for few joke you some brew on wax was all we know or MP3 if you don’t look like me the movements proved to be brutalized these Blooms of Rock’em supersize, who’s the use is neutralized, my music Boomin super loud bumping 8Ball and MJG up up on the top of the world everything is spinning and I’m feelin lovely and I’m high all right ain’t tripping on the past the afterlife.

Up on the top of the world but I’ve kind of been lately, till the day I was attacked by a couple pretty b****** that was trying to get me to come and f*** them from the back side but I ain’t got time to hit on that cuz I’m just trying to stack my money down up until a million that’s right then I want to come back and pick dem up and take `em down from the back side but that’s why, ain’t got no time to f****** f*** around I got to buckle down I keep my money on my mind and stack It To The Top my mind seize the paper to the ceiling and I’m about to down a cup of that crown and I’m out. South. But sometimes showed up on my radio and that Pimp s*** to ride to,, but the bass vibrate my bass and back to the outer space I feel it in my so far you can’t even feel it in the diamonds of the eyes of a telescope, off and on my body jotting down these feelings like they were the realest s*** I ever wrote like you wanted to see everything that I wrote that’s mental telepathy it’s part of the recipe I’m giving it to you how you like, a biology of a pimp I’m speaking to you and your mentals so you can pick it up the way that you psychic don’t fight it I can make it so appealing the way I rite it. And the passenger side like a big player I’m going to be sitting spitting the big s*** cuz if y’all are coming to try to twist my new homie ninja Rittz slits his wrist twists tits cocaine whip whip whip whip powder b****, what middle of the smack dab and ready to kill you for whatever you’re on with a killer Vibe and a nice attitude so what’s up you better be neutral if you’re f****** with mine or if you dark just play it Sublime we can either talk about it be about it me I’d rather sit back and blowing out talking to strange s*** about sitting back in the cut like all of ninja want to do is just bounce, after hair in my radio sauce.

Take a puff and then it’s up and then away we go another blow that we go it’s right back on the radio  sounds file of the bass vibrate sounds bow with the bass vibrate all and my chest to the Midwest bring it back to the southwest and all around. Out.

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