Take Twills Of Skins Feels… Make Me Light It For “Z”

Still on Mike’s hands cash in your hands everyone’s trying to explain and the cats meowing again and again. They don’t want me to blow no they want me to get taken need to be Tekken but I ain’t playing. We going to read my streets my feet like ice tea. If you roll on side of me pay for it lightly.

The Blind Center gone Gothic masses Spider-Man card Tremont hard mine on the movement movement on the gun, that’s what you better straight stock chart, off the wall on Steph in the street and the stuff at me we are playing at odds, that’s where I feel a bond that’s where I feel a strong under a Wonder you might act what I’m on. It’s cheer for the Mac want to get my shoes on the mat is the one breaking the half buck buck never get cold air on my hat where wearing all of that when that class Mercy class Mercy in your hand.

easy to Bong easy-to-wear find me a smoke worse for the wear the Hat when I got in life it’s unaware and I swear to God damn next time you come in my house shoes on the mat.

I was out fighting your wars in the hospital Ward flying the black Nazis attacked I’m with the side of G hash sharing Eastern fairing scaring like who cares it’s zep zeptar. Always talk being crap but share of that in the Batcave who cares about the cake I’m here for the green leaves Tropical Breeze Southern Seas West Coast weed women and sunshine to the east to the South to the north back to me maybe chitlins and steak some fruit that you ate someplace to be at 8 nothing great we got to be major I gotta make a big name I don’t care about who’s eating either Eve her.

I want to make paper I never say to her I want to be a loser or God damn I’m a loser the say I want to make paper want to make paper that’s prescription I want to make paper lift s*** like Arnold says went hopping into pickup.

Ace it pays everybody want to sound just like that 99-cents like iTunes route or Amazon digital download splat YouTube ads are so wack pay 10 bucks and flat bat.

You all want to take this up tar name you weren’t there for me now you weren’t there for me then I’m trying to shine the best I know how getting down for mine like Rittz say on a spot sign

Not work it’s me not you look it’s me not you we’ve been around getting a food we don’t give a fuk about money now the biggest tea are you song off on my spelling party so I can Bob bitchin need to find true love. It’s you I named after it’s really similar and Laflin hardcore stuff apart from the bar you’re not even half a g look I’m telling you kid I’m in the Bronco live in a complex but that’s gone quick cuz I’m a simple rapper with ass play Slow backer it went to rap faster.

You think you got quick look we got slick, on my chest that’s where I attack my wing UC it all comes back to me no give it up, drop top Willy’s come drop sloppy no never silly dressed to the nines stop frontin I’m not from Compton but I won’t stop dumping remember that it’s December that not not not remember that k n o t mkvli free.

I’m right I want to snap that trap I will open that trap and wig split back from Surprise I’ll from that guy I don’t want to even tap that trap that piece of ass he’s touching about make me laugh.

Mouth mouth all that mouth want to distract that mouth want to strike that mouth about I said it I said a foolish one and let’s go Brad cuz it’s f*** radio ya! Old time wrestling.

On the am dial than the radio why I got chicky chicky check yo cheeky check 1 2 those are the numerals you you want to get me you want to get Sulu Eaton who sues is what’s written take the pink it’s all the same to me it’s all a big shame, a big game like G-Unit you want the fame you want the well bombshell do this take the chain right off your throat and after I’ll make music this ain’t a game cuz after this with the 9 I do not pay because only care about pace and the piece phuck the fame old ninja down headlong big win from a long-range Quan and cap me one no I ain’t I suggest you do what I say cuz what I strapped must be part of go tattoo a D+ upon your chest, Sikhs in dreams I wish more time had been and hating on no kids but they coming up in the best way who’s f****** n80 was at WTC 7?

Well I just choose a life to spit bars or whatever you call my rap wheels of prose like EG say po he be like if imagination could afford me to be a poet that’s what I choose to be he made 14 bucks off one of the stories that went harder to the million dollar market maybe billion zillion quadrillion.

Take off your bomber after I sharpen now it’s banging whores in a bar I got a Manhattan like I was committing mass murder, did a tour and poured one down before me you’ll get split apart CU hitters and quitters will never till I get big then kiss my arse, Fang like hot hot residue see what you need to do I never do be like one of your friends never 16 that’ll be the end of you. Want to cash that in Guam Revenue, you would dick head trying to be a clever dude that’s ghost homies traveling part 2.

Sneak beats right off the street as soon as I smell the zoo care for your drums as telling you but you didn’t get this copy for me I’m warning you, getting off as Chinese again you just want to do a mix CD again yes bringing back the DJ from the Land of the Dead DJ’s up step up who is yortis zeptar it’s just a little game I play Kyle DJ or my mic booth but I don’t think I’m that during right now let me be cheeky cashy again in case you don’t see me again cushy girl what’s up you little tune feel like what’s up breathing again you won’t get Mark copies again it’s me you don’t want if you don’t want to have anything again yo I don’t know none of them watch what you like feel wanted in your back while I’m choking time to take Diphenhydramine.


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