Fuck Radio DVD Volume I, AM-FM Takeover-Phun!

This dude called “Griminal” be on a hiphop DvD, support and respect. Make known modern day Guerilla Sonics to freak 5 years old recording HOY!. https://youtu.be/9zZI_KkjeX4 on YouTube but the DvD u see harminous hungriest hot takeover pirateradio, 5 block radious signal turns GNU on its zedheds, looking to do hot radio, aka pieate radio, risk of detainment fo rF FuckRadio. See FaradayRF…

iHi 1time carside 187 spraypainted on door icp by trAim trax, select GUnit lose it swad o cum from me so georgeous hair crud snile Duff on tap back snake hete Cobra me he see fleash hrot-5 fucx SoundCloud sorry cheecky reporting xauggt me seeding not availee in us-ee eh? Intention find a PC watch blog for mp3 recordings see now me find one for ye me like zillion zeptar strong long on me live shit. Yeh im pissed at SoundCloud www territory scold write them no go been told busted hard YouTube holds 2 along zeptar live website plus im just starting tonight so Sat reeders BEWARE watez wirds inbox birds flip signal owl towel on my palm. Me qrite on and on… DJZEP on and on anonradio.net needs a live rap sesh, instead its dumb lulz, much luv just not chasing it atm, then again this be Grimleys pice going out like a.beach party.

Alright i know.a lot of ppl are involved in the DVD but im giving firsts to Grims he made the breakthrough vibe swan. Ballathon brotha 50K twipper clippers modern word. He be scripter wiffer magical word gifter on this hitter i found on a word binger last December I remember.

From my imagination they take over the Radio. Somehow mobile modern day takeovers i heard of as a youngster. Ghetto myths are TRU. The intro is like 9min explains who all involved in this movement but it explaims.a lot of shit so lets hit it…

(creative commons) 2018

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