Single Demon, Rival: Women; Writes Monster Sh*t!

Just a white boys throwing These Bars from these worlds my cat’s till now on so I thought I would spend 10 you on there f*** radio sets.

When then talking I want to talk more so my Rhymes and words come through to my neighbors want me to throw my cat out I’m sure cuz it’s late and she won’t stop meowing

Just give her some fresh snack in the still on the radio say he fresh 2 Buzz f*** radio so what are these guys doing sitting here and I got no justice bigger than that you got a snitch sends a b**** now that Ninja be me screaming you know I’m fly man, I got my Love ninjas ready to blast and squeeze, and I’m going to be like that and I’m going to be like die! Who the hell is that some of that guy, yeah everyone knows OG oh geez listen to that oh geez gotcha G’s where over a rat you should know bringing retro to all of your shows we know my favorites not Checkers it’s actually chess I hate checkers Chubby Checker’s the school to be full of dance moves.

Snow snow no no what did he say what did he say I don’t know what am I saying what am I saying I got to make a phone call what am I playing? The things they say from the top 10 are hard like what did you say cuz what did he say.

The things that I saved onto the top of his head like a ring of fire somebody said that you said you’re playing war with your cat now when I write bars down it’s like printing paper you got to match your money now rain pouring tough and I’m sleeping like I’m the savior won’t catch me I’m a real quick changer trying to raise me stall the storm speak to the wind who you think’s firing on this typewriters drinking gin nah man tap I’m not normal you see I’m special like a guy I was born like that dude in a minute or slow down and save yourself a favor.

I’m like Ouija any chick that want to get down got to sign a waiver, watching that hot s*** on YouTube and jelly watching them Rock a cut like 40-50 bodies ain’t nothing to be cutting in the cut something next track Maybe back to this bootleg and militant blacks from the UK and the Mexican DJ or whoever the f***

Speaking of Mexican all my God I had the best Mexican food for lunch today from the Taco Town Lounge kind of greedy beef but man I was spicy. Nothing new they got unlimited. Lyricist 10 steps ahead of them. Evan, both proven Choice Lee the manager special recipe. Specials for children. If I got my truck wrong just read your map. Where are my cap while you’re staring!? I went Wars in an instant I make more than a difference. My clothes can borrow your sister, I don’t pack anymore I just stay real distant, leave you slack in the morning in an instant. I’m not scared of a shank if you wake me up, Lumen and moving I’m a distant Target she work hard for this like a fat man farted.

Get your roof garnished for the holidays that’s next. I’m going to G on the bits and run the lake man so get closer to this function and feel the word assumption. Technology is bilingual, symbol change your agenda give me something more lame yeah I play a fret Strat Ninja straight gin on the bottle bins you can create any station with any agenda starting December awake and a hospital with policemen and armed henchman around you can’t remember. Look 3 seconds at your Nations agenda and forget The Pretender Nintendo I’m bored yes let’s cut the bull f****** enemy Defender. Yeah I’m a real toxic sender. Just type in the box and press enter.

(cc4.0) 2018 ZEPTAR.ORG

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