Lette A Pimp pOP YA!

Lette a pimp pOP YA, fizzy drinks galore, drink dat bad juice. I won`t stop ya, where ya go for pOP? O gotta 1 stop stop shoppe and u can sip fizzy fun stuff all u want.

C`mon over and try my fizzy drank make station, recipes, flava, many many mixes all Type O syrup.

Put it in da pOP cup, drink it in, oh need some sin, mixn Henn or a Crown Royal, how bout some Absolute Sprizzy? GIT dizzy with me by the dishwizzy.

Radio dance, just take a Chance, lets burn a Zig-Zag wid dat, look at all tbat spinache up in it, meet me in 30 minutes, DJ2, ya I can spin it. 2 just 4 U.

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