Heu there little lette, Giggle-slap the cards again. Another round joked, joked them all around, Passing from my hand 2 yours.

Another game of twilty-whirl gurl, Caught me cheatin`? Back up girl! Know `bout the LBC Carnival, right? Palm Trees… Rainbows… You? I know U the least uptight. Girl U must be 2 chillyilly with me and play.

Uh, okay, draw 5 slap right? Right? Write? Rite!?

Inside my headphones mind-eye picture movie wheel, All thoughts suddenly surreal, if I could tell you how I feel fa REAL, fa REAL…

Let me tell U how I feel, A fivey. Look at me so lovely is where I ask now to be, in that moment so sillyilly.

5 cards again up in the air, from a phat phreah phresh deck, whut`s next, if U lose I bite ya neck. A`ite bet.

Game again, toss my floss, throw a slurpee, U the boss. My hand XNTS worse of course, on the low ship.stays on Morse. Sublime Hawaiian my guitar, the time seem far, SanteriaJam2004. Smile Mafia $5 at the door.


Basic bio-chemistry when U with me, poff on sum Sensei with me, the real real AlienOG, thats 33.33% THCmobile zillion dollar Motorolla golder than Aculpoco, saw u check this `lo, makes me say hej.

U know I got u boo, ya IHI. WANNA ride with me in the backseat of a Caddy? Nah, aint no shack up, u know I act up if I can`t Smack My Bitch Up. SEE my Prodigy mind got u in sight and we aint even gotta say what I like. Me u find.

Cuz automagically she cures my S.A.D. immediately boosting my P.M.A., 7Bats and I`m soaring, Life is procuring a kitty a floors me, Break down them Doors, beep beep that Morrison for us. TMI? Exuse me, do you believe in LOVE at 1st website?

DAMN RIGHT, can I get eyes at the end of the night? Take whats mine, found a silver dime, you so fine. LANDMINE! Im in your mind, my Corona nah need lemon or lime, beer`ll make ya phat, drown a vat NEway, when we GITs down turn that upside down frown and feel this clown. A! Eh! A! Bb! Mostasteless beezy is the mofuku mofuku. How do you like my grasd stash? Just pass the docé to the left hand side, at night inside forget the bubbly. Bubble Gum buds what? At about 21 percent worth a golden nickle, bet I GITs it 1st, FWIW feel free to come forth and reverse my curse.

Images of War, Cocaine, and Suicide. This aint me. All I need is a :-* from a stranger.

Danger! Head Banger! mkvli alive inside my mind tryin to find green slime b4 Devil’s chimes, dont deny, at least I tried big as Clyde.

B4 u split for YouTube, back on my view cuz what I`m `bout 2 throw at you be more and moar chedder boo, TRU in my mind image movie show everywhere I go same ol smile and ya big eyes groovin with me… Oooie…
Oui! So sweet, glad u digg my pen game and sound .wav what I want? What I may? Hey, Can I hit it ?

Lette be what me missin` one scandelous faboulous to handle some stuff, Maintain like no thang, sink into ya neck with my fang. Vampires feed e`ryday. Harming Army swarming a warning?

Just come to my door at about 4 past 9 at nite. Try 2 be on time cause I got candles n wine, baby I aint wastin` ya time. Sure tricks`ll drop.a dime, hey ah hey, not playin no games, tonight let`s go insane, We nah lame.

Discombobulate membrane, it`ll be the end of a good day and u aint gotta buy anythang.

Let`s just blow some Chronic and go Ultra-sonic meditation levetation on Acoustic Aculpoco, feel each other dance to each other`s rhythms within.

(c) 2018 ZEPTAR.ORG

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