Im a few days late on weighing in on Tech9ne`s #PLANET 2018. And boy lemme tell ya “Fresh Outta Fuks” os a Pac-man crack trappin` track with awesome build and release to bring that panic a mimic and work the subliminals fa REAL.

“Love Ya Damn Self” next on the line in this fine musical craft makes me laugh when he say Wilson, i left my flashlight on again too Tech9ne no photos of my dime this time.

The fromt artwork for the album is impressive. Next somg bout sip to ya lip, wine, brew, mixing meds in again its my life, and the ones serving liver pizzers say no fizzle but not in my hizzle, im with Tech, amd uh the consensus among us is we ain`t eva givin drank up, shout out to the ever purchaser, McLovin. Dayum, get that paper aon.

Next track is a throw back to some Robot Vox driving the dance to a faster rhythm with impeding anxiety building cuz of that bad plastic snare in there mixed with skribble DJ techniquea. Still why does everyone wanna put holes in Isuzu`s?

Pyro theme on next track get back fire attack brain smack, family issues get me the tissues bad juju all on me not u, moove voodoo to these two thats me and I and I collecting the night in my batcave upside down and feet ceiling feeling.

Now comfortable warning against immature publicity i kno what he means he be like my material deserves intelligent analysis by the so called linguist do not dare extinguish #Planet Zeptar feel yeah, phresh, Tech travels exponetially forward in the music scene with this spin. Thanks Tech9ne.

Next a feature, no liner notes and me no pro critic just sum dude who spits shit not complete pick apiece like a rib rack on a platte from Gate`s. Feature guests be goin hard on punks talk fight to the same spits to dames only they slightly tame and Tech leads their anger out of the track slack.

Next is a religious introspection on self. EBAH alive in this, no win to life of sin, i cannot attack this topic halfway righteous and honestly im afraid of the church singing in this i am not winning, as long as darkness pulls and lulls to lead us from Jewel, thought u knew that zeptar be Buddhist too, it always GITs my mind to feel Sublime as i wish on 9ne, Spiritual Warfare to just wake up today.

Next Tech rises triumphantly with an awesome swell of Choral Opera song and a pimp comes on. Guacamole raps spanish snaps sounds like a STOMP plus he mentions Haille Selaisse commentary of Jah Rastafari put down ghettotech bless walk and aong from hair to toe singers rise vibe flow and i know if i keep the flow i dont know where to go, imma promote and Tech9ne got my vote to toke in the em oh.

Next song is another feature with good R&B/Hiphop Male Vox, all bout the same road us clowns know fo sho a warning of caution to never stop never stoppin` a reminder of wayward possiblities and atraight away never sway even when u faded. TRUST ME THE ALBUM STARTS WIND DOWN MODE.. AHHH..

IT seem 2 JAZZ to the end, #WoopWoop


Also this essential album,
Tech9ne: The Storm (Deluxe Edition) [Explicit]

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