Realest, Chillest, Phear Us, Trust “3” BusyBee, See?

Trippin off Bone E1999 i maintain with these thangs nah me aint stingy come.come.GITs widda me. Bud Smokas Only, i took a hit of tha reeder kept smokin, hold it in till ya lung busrts it hurts the worst that my lil homies gone gone gone, grievances against Almighty never cease till we ease through the bough of.the mystery wanna hit the whiskey even tho u miss me, c ya soon drank on Boons eatin shroomies in my roomies watching walls breathe and houses melt saggin grab my belt Orion high sang swang u got luv from zep zep zep. K111er grave digger scandelous NINJA FA REAL-A shine buck buck bang HEADBANG!! Bubbly bubbles sly all.the troubles, khakis n jackets cant stand it god dammit me look upon ya heat an` jam it drom a pap pap how bout that desert spiders flee me in the jungle hunted Predator make me run, me see infared too.Alien nah want booze, break down a dime and swine a 24oz as i steady bounce.2.da.beat ears to the street eat beef walk beef what eve? Back to love poems me feel Suddenly Surreal Sunday gave way to a Molly Moon Monday those hundies of bundies in my undies spend faster than swiss cheese bass off tune, soon soon soon. THE Moon looms, ready to phucc it up, aint takin nah shawts nah losses mon, we.all fall say Boondox it GITs up and wake up double up.for the POD we GITs weeded as needed for proceeding on that grind eh a dollar b jackin on.that action 1st hang slang those dominos flip blackjack ya i play war with my cat how bout dat? Kings in the corner when me warner bros royalty in the mail for me. Kolorado Kash the Kush for Knightrida Love Time. Buddha lover all reefer hydro cannot letty litty a me high go, wont letty me hi go. Based up on lettuce its unselfish me nah drank like a Phish work on gettin rich keep clear of a bitch and straight hitch my pwn sum fine every good anoint Buddha. Hydro scoopable.double tokable nuthin but the bone in me. Keep hittin me reeder send me straight to heaven, keep ya balance hold dat Glass Chalice and poff poff it quik time 2 split.

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