O didnt want to return to Sweet Home.Chicago, but thats the way it go ya know when those winds start to blow, especially here outside the Train Station when I got back bout tore off my yellow-jacket all of a sudden there she was, my shorty from way back that call me Yorty, instantly horny, i slid in the seat and started yawning cuz that train.was long and boring, felt like I just returned from touring.

Made it sounded like i was moving back, it feels shitty knowing im returning to the Killing Fields after this deal is sealed, new media means always having to accept rules that make no sense to me, another lawyer another town, sign my Hancock and ballin` off writing bout more stuff people love to read and you know.the money I need so I write about any beat that finds me contracting prose for payola, cash, check, giftcards, seems Slumerican. I do my pwn thang as much as I always care to turn up and cough some words up maybe drink cofe and step up my performance.

I aint hatin“on food bloggers with 50 million emails in they back pocket cuz that dont mean they got a lock on the blog market it looks better on my websites and not through a email portal that’s for damn sure I don’t know about rolling with the flow because the pros just doesn’t goes with anything I knows when it comes to not being able to express my writing fully.

Another day, another web page format that’s what I like when my reader is inside of my website(s) I do it for the Love and I do it for the Likes, And I Heal her heart with my words, NXT out on a stroll in Sweet Home Chicago, Bbl Deep Dish sittin at my wrist and train fudz is sh^t.

Thats gonna give me heartburn if at first the Newports i had dont get the better half of nightime reflux heartburn, i just had to have that pie. See dear reader this is a bright new shiny blog that feels like a sneak thru the castle around Smaug, my mind is the key to unlock eternity for u and me whomever you might be, see my Chicago shawty be on lease, now that`s Blue Love.

What all that, its a life but im ready to rise above cuz with this GNU writing gig i can afford to live a little bit and stay amd work from home, no more library mickydees wee fee they reception spotry with agreement filters which need SSH tunneling. This is just Dork Rap but nah they didnt GITs in thru the door seal, just signed a writing deal fa REAL, lets just say billions and billions served just like M, not so far fetched my words on every Etch-A-Sketch called cellular wee fee for free with Solar electricity, reading revolution is what I forsee. I got the bod as u can see and spend sum time with me, puff some trees, feel the Chicago breeze, whoa! A 1 day trip to the City talkimg big sh^t got sum new kicks, saw a flick and a Marketing Firm dropped me a few fish-sticks to further an endeavor filling their consumers with fervor straight fulcrum words like a lever.

Wrote a webpage, next on stage cmon Wheels of Steel, tell`a me how ya feel, lemme hear TRU bass on Hi-Fi forget Wi-Fi, 580 words before DJ practice imma.loop.a beat and blam us, after i catch it imma spit it like i can think quicker and hit it on time every rhyme sound Sublime Summertime mixed with Lamar`s Money Tree track, chasing dots on spinning circles, very serrupticiously swishing sound waves like, “WTF that song say?” Need a sample try the menu sushi bar far, bigisland variety mix, i do it for the hits.. of LSD so i can finally enjoy the TV instead of watch and think.about how mortals bleed about anything upsetting and begin fretting bout money, bout taxes, bout bills hodden charges and fees, all the time the establishment gots me on my knees with a trigger on my skull for all i wrote, this is the best gig in the world no matter how poor my paper worth rolls cuz im rich in Spirit, no money? Dont fear it, i stick with my craft, my passion and always hold dear 2 it, hard work in the pen game makes money to clear it.


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