So i spent two weeks writing love poetry to someone who for all intents and purpose is out of my sphere so to speak. It sucks makes my ego weak, thats life it seems.

Well never gettin too down and out or resort to a pout i just scream and shout all about unknown future and that brightly held hope to find love that is TRU, thought i knew thqt was a fairy tale need brew I know I don’t need no bro I’m just sitting here I thought you knew so it’s another day on the attack with the Rhymes and a big backpack full of paper and zig zag man rolling up a Cheech and Chong Record Man so now tap tap on the window and we can write really really flow anyway what I want to say in this Jam it’s just that man you try to write something for a girl and it’s like damn you can’t have it it’s the last call it’s time for Rittz that’s f****** sing another song and freaking when he gets down on the track that’s when I sit back and crack a Crown and Coke and make sure that I don’t go broke cuz I need to go camping next year can’t make it this year God dammit oh well see you sometime soon fan I’m going to get nice and clean and get back on this machine and types of s*** that’s going to be hits and split your back like a blunt if he get in the middle, im getting this tent for the Gathering…
Coleman 2000007827 Sundome 4-Person Tent, Green
Yortis Zeptar >> … <<