So i got this new rapper i like who im hypeing the fuk outta named Ouijia and i gotta say “Everyone never loved me everybody alwayw fucc`d me” wnqke ass red sacks of wnakes the Ouijia got me. Hype for all the old haunts. Im over hear exposè flick the wrist whip it up show me those 14 4k displqys ill run music and img of png all daylinglong cause phone soumds are superdicial we proved that, Evan Doorbell you ring to enter my hell its the spell to know all is well oh dont trust my ringtone i put it out alone in spwce and covered up the body. Soon prehistric sbre tooth hysteric hyenas get slyern lion within ya im a pack a deck shuffle tarots she pulls up at 7 past 8 stick my brick in the window shatter dope explosion and i got her dont forget to get the interview with CNT later on wassup? Cowgirl riding !bang !bang stacking up her hay for a 12 hour day. She hops off starts jackin me off im like dont stop my nut is busting off and the she went for a felch instead i bit her neck time to fiend i could taste her dreams no ho go wash with kool-aide man bustin through the wall smashin ndentsn anything with my wang, ho ya listen to this song hey dont. getnyour Lamar Lotus follow us me mean I & I not caught up in the war more wbout whats at the Carnie Fqir this year i spipleLled the sauce what can i say im the Skr1bblez1 from juggalobook thats for Peaches and her lo you know that guy B seen me on ky puterscreen gettin trashed ya it did when i was on lqughing gas filled the zeppelin ready for a crash as you think about humanity i keep.myself alive i want to join you in the fight you and an MC Wikkid Lyte i burn LED trashfires filking up the spaces next i wonder wha ill write. Kittileaks in full efxy mode effexor could not get ahold of the bold scroll unroll and about the chopper vid ya just feel queasy now its a plane not a helio for one thing and id couldve engineered the poly math and transform a war like never befor on my Ouijia board letters por back and forth inside ky bodys like 5 Bilkion souls smooth as silk ion whispy winders behind my eyelids yearning to escape my body long walking down wrong hallways fuck these pussy ass jackyls talkimg p dingalingpanglong strong no touchy on my twitter are u bitter you can sho a qvitter. Back side bakwoods certs with lang and slang for ya pain to process the insane i take meds havnt takin any uet im a ER vet checkna lo the 1s im in the dark at home finulluly from a trans atpwntic flight had to fight 9 milly mkvli gangstafied wind clock breeze tocks FA REAL she got no panties on and q brickcin her guts ecrrytime millymotophone goes off in thr 90s era we had to wait and wqit for the screen to turncoatdirty our eyesnfeasted lickimg sluuurrrp! Purr now big puter dislplay was about 11 digits long on thrle dial pads that go to zero and negatuve 9ne hun wgat u think bout burning herbstalk cropz l8erbong 1bs of oz fkeecing shiny skuni records LBC im right there feel good to be home laternon.
YOUTUBE: Ouijia Macc – Trashfires
SOUNDCLOUD: Ouijia : Trashfires