Im not gonna OGG U so gwanand GITs this mix-tape that got pinned up on an archive cloud.

VLC Player oniPhoesandiPod. Plays on Android.

Snap back, shatter-wax, in again with my pwn Rittz Mixxx Tape I made like 5 on the side, he dont pay me no mind he’s rich.

As a matter of fact everywhere I go from suburbs to slums everyone heard his name how does he handle it mang?

It’s like this tape I got parked online comes alive every time I N vibe in his Rhymes anything he say it happens to me star somehow I got this Vibe with the words flying forth with Precision instant incision to life decisions went on a mission.

Rittz position as far as I can tell is that he got the Death Star pointed at me while I’m a poet and I think I can rap in this blog as a matter of fact there’s some YouTube channels are a few that recorded buzzed on bruise so it sounded smooth and my mic boof.

And this little corner of this desolate web I hope my words can reach through and Rittz could somehow know what I’m about you no more than that wacky phone fan tape they were those were a mistake I think anyone could take a reel tape like that I think Rittz could take it and hit her rolling riff last call riff and make it sound really slick you know what I’m saying I think he could really hit a last call Riff on that rolling no sweat.

I may not be on the same weevil leather bevels as Rittz` on the IRL`s bit in the TRU`s he be born a nut, jus` like I was and Juggas struggles blow like buns bubbles in this world of trouble.

Just acratchin the surface, feel full force on latest release, LAST CALL (Full Album), this album is so lit!. Litty 20 times FA REAL. Listen on Youtube, make sure to pick-up a hardcopy. Last Call [Explicit] from

In Rittz career he raps about many issues facing our generation and he pits out the hating and ends the debating being Slumerican os something i still dont understand a 75K Chevrolet, but uh Ok thats Raw.

Last Call is.worth a spin FO SHO and I bet again if its too slow for anyone just give a call im done playin` hall. Promoted, considered, focused.

Honestly, i am in tone with Rittz` artistical growth and I forever think of him mentoring on his delivery and his sound centers me.

I could go on and on and on, ya see? This B the dude driving people to focus and get the Hocus Pocus Chorus Chant for us, more than Morse. Ppl.say Rittz “can rap good” and he earned respect in the Rap Circuit, shoot off and skirt the Universe in a hopped out SHO Taurus and floor us.

Anyways just a dream from.a poet who wants to flow widdit but aint did ahit `cept blam! Frustration on Sum `puter station lurkin an snakin` on OggVorbis audiophile blit pile.

IPhone, iPad, iPod please use VLC Player, a free fully Open Source app in the Apple Store and use it to download the direct link to the Pure-Rittz.ogg file linked on


VideoLAN`s VLC Player can put music on your Apple devices under Downloads without iTunes. Its good tech. Please dont ignore or snore on a snooze and lose out, boozed out.

Really, really tho, Apple Lossless Audio Codec claims to be superior fidelity to anything FOSS, plus $1.29 a song in iTunes or Amazon store for when Wi-Fi is down and ya bored. I always listen offline airplane mode, outta control flyin` saucers around, error-slurping the Galaxy. 😛

YORTIS ZEPTAR 2018 >> … <<

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