HERE IS THE CONTINUATION OF THE LEGEND OF ZEPTAR. Where i last left off was on one ihearcats and i jumpped to juggapoet, now am here at

In the past and even now.the best get your pwn dot org is throgh WordPress or older NET warehouses like the Super Dimension Fortress at bit im not promoting that at the moment.

Im listening to Rittz and i gotta humch that blogging is the future of media just like.those ppl with.New Media LED belt-bickles n hats.

So i was working on this love blog called JuggaPoET, nah mean? Oh man, i love to write blogs. And i can see why some ppl.hoard up stories thereby thinking they have somwhow.added value to thwir works without any readers interacting with their writing. In other worda its.easier to write and not share. Honeatly ive shared blogs like in need of sincere edits because i was just typing like I talk and misconstrued some thangs but you know I love the controversy it brings anyways this staryed off about Rittz, ladies and gents you are invited enjoy it on a stream from Rittz “Last Call” (Full Album) Rittz on Strange Music, Inc.
GITs a hardcopy from Compact Disc Something great in it ya know?

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